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Notes to first-time user

Process from making reservation, getting tickets to boarding

Book a bus

Person who made a booking through Hassha Alright Net

It's easy and simple to book by your smartphone or PC.

Follow the instructions and you will be completing the booking in just 3 steps. No member registration is required.
Cancellation can be made through the web. For detailed information, please refer to "How to Make a Reservation".

Confirm your Itinerary

Person who confirmed the reservationd details

Review your reservation details by email

The itinerary / confirmation will be sent to you by email after a reservation is made.
Please confirm the payment method and the booking details contained in the email.

  • If you pay by credit card … Go to Step4
  • If you pay at convenience stores or ticket machines … Step3へ

If you are using the email service, ~@ezweb.ne.jp or free accounts
(Please read the important notes here)

Make a Payment

Images on credit card, convenience store and ticket counter

Various payment methods are available.

Even if you do not have a credit card, you can still pay at convenience stores or ticket machines. For details, please refer to "Payment Methods".

Before Boarding

Have your tickets ready.

Go to the homepage of the bus company to review the boarding location beforehand.

To the boarding Place

Person who is holding a carry-bag

Arrive at the boarding place at least 10 minutes before the scheduled bus departure time.

Bus departs on time. If the passenger arrives late and miss the bus service, the ticket will become null and no refund can be made.

Present your tickets

Pass the tickets to

Present the tickets (or confirmation email) to the bus attendants when boarding.

On the way to your destination

Person who enjoy riding by bus

Sit and relax to enjoy the trip.