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HASSYA-ORAI NET Reservation Member Registration

Before registration
It depends on the each bus company's decision for each service provided by HASSYA-ORAI NET.
Not all the service provided by one buy company
Please check before registraion vacancy enquiry.

Membership Agreement
Please reach HASSYA-ORAI NET.
HASSYA-ORAI NET this service is member's only.
This service refers to Khobho Pte Ltd* our company rapid bus, sightseeing bus online reservation website. To prevent masquerade, we will send E-mail to the E-mail address which member has registered after the reservation.
This service does not receive any fee for retention and membership registration. (Free membership registration)

[Personal Particular Information]

Purpose of personal particular information
Member to register (Free) this service for below purposes
(1)Use of rapid bur and sightseeing bus for reservation purpose
(2)To provide information and our service
    We will not disclose the personal particular information to third party besides below conditions without member's
(1)Cases in which the provision of personal information is based on laws
(2)Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an
    individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
(3)Cases in which the provision of personal information is specially necessary for improving public hygiene or promoting
    the sound growth of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
(4)Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a state institution, a local public
    body, or an individual or entity entrusted by one in executing the operations prescribed by laws and
    in which obtaining the consent of the person might impede the execution of the operations concerned

About commission and offer personal information
The following information required for management of a highwey bus and a fixed sightseeing bus that was obtained by this service is offered and shared to a related bus transit company and its outsourcing place.
The related Bus entrepreneur and its outsourcing place refer to the Bus entrepreneur who operates, the Buss entrepreneur who does joint operation of the route concerned, and the entrepreneur to whom reservation and ticketing are entrusted by the Bus entrepreneur.
The information offered about name, telephone number, reservation, and ticket.

Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
A customer can inquiry about the following, and make a claim to our company about his personal information.
(1)About whether we own your personal information
(2)About the contents of personal data obtained
(3)If there is an error in your personal information that we obtained ,you can delete it or make a correction too it
(4)About use of your personal information
(We don't provide personal information to any third party)

[Inquiry about personal information]

KHOBHO CORPORATION Personal Information Enquiry
3-2-22 Honcho,Kawaguti-shi,Saitama-ken 335-0012, Japan
E-mail: Daisuke Kaketa Personal Information Protection and Management Board of Directors responsible for managing

Our company has received privacy mark" grant authorization from Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC) as a company which will satisfy the requirements (JIS Q 15001:2006) of the management system about private information protection in January, 2006.

[Member Registration Terms & Conditions]

[Article 1]Our range of service
1. The highwey bus and fixed sightseeing bus reservation service provided by this service are offered only to the route
    which the bus transit company permitted.
    *Our company is a company which manages this system.
        It is decided by operation company's judgment which service is made to correspond to which route.
2."Reservation registration" which can be used after member registration becomes treatment only of the route which can
    be reserved with this service.
3.Available services
-Register for seat reservation : register for reservation
-Cancellation : cancellation of completed reservation
-Comfirm ticket : confirm reservation confirm reservation circumstance
-Change member information : Change member information except for E-mail
-Withdraw : Member registration deletion
   *When contents of reservation other than the above need to be changed, please make a new reservation or
       inform the bus company window.
4.The management and operation of the bus follow a rules that are decided by the company operating the route.
5.We provide this service free of charge.
   When you use this service, We charge no commission from our company to the user.
6.Operation hours: AM5- next 2AM (JST)
   #Offer time may be changed when our company judges that discontinuation is required temporarily.
   #We may temporarily suspend our system in case of emergency.
   #We take no responsibility for any disadvantage or damage which the user may receive by suspending this service.

[Article 2]Membership registration
1.To use this service, membership registration is required for the following purposes.
(1)To use the reservation service of any highway bus or regular sightseeing bus.
(2)to provide our services, information, etc.
2.We reject membership registeration which has a risk that we cannot identify the user lf from his/her E-mail address.
   You cannot subscribe if you use an E-mail address that is not allowed by us.
3.Our company keeps the registration details and information that we get in the process of using this service.

[Article 3]Notice to users
1.We will send your registration contents to the E-mail address which the member has registered
   *The user's contents of registration are written in the E-mail.
       It is the user's responsibility ensure that the contents of registration are not revealed to a third party.
2.We will send the contents to the E-mail address which member has registered following reservation registration, change
   of reservation, or member. information change.
3.We register personal information obtained to a database that our company maintains.

[Article 4]Reservation
1.Your reservation is a tentative reservation accrued at the time that the E-mail is sent to you.
   You cannot get on the bus in these circumstances.
   Please buy a ticket at the prescribed front counter of each bus operating company.
   *Our company takes no responsibility in the case that you cannot get on a bus due to your ticket not yet
       being purchased.
2.Your reservation will come into effect at the time that you purchase the ticket.
3.There is a cutoff date for purchasing tickets for a tentative reservation on some routes.
   If the purchase is not completed by the cutoff date, we will cancel your tentative reservation.
   *Please buy a ticket at the prescribed front counter of the bus operating company by cutoff date.

[Article 5]User responsibilities
1.You are responsible for safeguarding your ID and password, and you agree not to disclose your ID and password to
   any third party.
   Our company is not responsible for injustice or dispute caused by the disclosure of your ID or password to
   any third party.
   * You need to set your ID and password.
2.The System is intended for use by users who have properly set up their computers or mobile phones in terms of display,
   E-mail, printing, and other functions.
   *Our company is not responsible for any problems caused by our service or the effects of your usage environment.
3.The users are required to observe generally accepted etiquette, ethics, and technical rules related to the use
   of the Internet.
   *We retain the right to claim damages when the user has caused damages to the reservation system or
       violated the terms of use.
4. Communications charges relating to the use of this system, all costs and interconnection charges
   are the responsibility of the user.

[Article 6]Responsibility of our company
1.In our company, we treat the troubles or dispute caused by our service or its optional services in an honest manner,
   but we do not take responsibility or warranty.
2Never does our company take responsibility for whether reservation details you send will accurately reach our company
   or not, and whether the recieved reservation details are the same as you sent or not.

[Article 7]change of policy, change of this service
1.We can change the terms and conditions of membership without your any acts.
2.Sometimes our company will change the contents of this service without notice.
   Once a modification is made, the previous service is no longer available.
   *Never does our company take responsibility for any disadvantage or damage caused by the modifications of a

[Article 8]Inquires, etc
1.The service counter may be contacted by TEL for inquires about this service.
   Telephone reservation center:+81-771-29-6113 Operation hours:Weekdays 9:00~12:00,13:00~15:00 (JST)
2.We do not service as go-between users and bus operating companies.
3.We cannot accept inquiries about the operation of highway bus or regular sightseeing bus.
   Please try to ask such inquiries to the bus operating company you will use.
   Please select "agreement" and click on the "registration " if you agree to the Member Registration Terms & Conditions

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